CPD Info

Download Today CPD: A Guide For New Registrants (pdf – 150Kb)

Provider – Led CPD
At least half of your points total for general CPD require to be Provider – Led CPD so at least 18 points.

Self – Directed CPD
This can be any form of CPD that you can apply to professional practice which can include both clinical and non clinical learning such as marketing. Every piece of self-directed CPD is worth either 0.5 or 1 point for 30 mins or 60 mins or more respectively. The only exception to this is registrant-led peer review, which is worth three points. You do not need to get Provider – Led CPD points before you undertake Self – Directed CPD points however if you do not gain 18 Provider – Led CPD points your Self – Directed CPD will stop counting at 17 points.

Claiming your CPD points
You have to log all your CPD points onto the GOC website on your MyCPD account. For SOC Provider – Led CPD you will be given a certificate which has your name on it and our logo please place your individual attendance tickets on this form and scan this entire form as proof of attendance on your MyCPD account.

For Self – Directed CPD you will need to fill in a short reflection statement.

Peer Review
Each GOC registrant has to undertake at least one Peer Review CPD whether Self – Directed or Provider – Led CPD and a short reflection statement is required. In addition IP/CLO require a Peer Review in their speciality.






Interactive and Specialist CPD
All GOC registrants require at least 50% of their overall CPD points as Interactive with OO/DO requiring 36 CPD points in total and IP/CLO an additional specialist 18 CPD points in total over 3 years currently 1/1/22 to 31/12/24.






CPD Domains
There are now only 4 CPD domains and you have to obtain at least 1 CPD point in each domain over 3 years. These domains are Professionalism, Communication, Clinical Practice and Leadership and Accountability.


Yearly CPD
You have to achieve at least 6 CPD points per year.







The Glasgow course is also accredited for 7 CPD hours for CORU and can be included  within your  Association of Optometrists Ireland (AOI) online portfolio.

You must also complete a minimum of 4 reflections using the COSA (s) on your learning plan on Manage your CPD section of the AOI website members area.