SOC Nominated Charity

We are asking all of the SOC delegates to consider taking a collecting tin for their practice so patients can put in their spare change for that spectacle repair you do not charge for but the patents wants to acknowledge your help.

Rett syndrome is a disease in children which can lead to patents becoming non verbal and using their eyes to communicate through picture cards and eye tracking.

Our nominated charity Reverse Rett fund laboratory and clinical research into treatments and a cure, run the Rett Registry UK, support UK clinical trials of emerging treatments and provide core funding for the UK CIPP Rett Centre.

We want a world where children with Rett Syndrome are diagnosed quicker, earlier and more effectively than they are right now. A world where much more is known about the condition and factors that affect progression. A world where at every stage of development, treatments are available to counteract its symptoms. A world where we ultimately deliver a cure and enable people with Rett Syndrome to lead free and healthy lives.

There incredible progress is made possible by the support, passion, and commitment of supporters of which you can be one.